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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 102 – Step Up To Form Seven Stars

This movement follows the previous one in application. Having caught and attached to the opponent’s ankle, I now step up and either throw her away or, as illustrated here, kick her.


Having caught Anna’s ankle, I lift her leg upward.

Shift the weight onto the left foot, turning the torso to face west. Pivot in the right foot so the toe faces halfway between north and west.

As you shift, fold in the right arm and make a fist. The arm is by the waist with the fist held fingers upward. Don’t let the elbow get behind the body.

The left hand forms a fist with the hand in front of the left center side of the upper chest.

Focus on the left wrist for sticking and lifting.





Maintaining an upward pressure with my two fists, I kick Anna’s lower body.

With the weight on the left foot, pivot out the left toe to face halfway between west and south. Then step forward with the right foot, touching down the toe. You could be kicking at this time. You end up doing Ding Bow On Toe. The toe faces west.

The left fist moves forward to end under the left fist. The wrists are in line, but not touching. The fists face forward. Keep the elbows relaxed.

Focus on the two wrists and the right toe for kicking.

Note: Different teachers do the weight shift and step up in different ways. I first turn in the rear toe when the weight is fully on the left foot, then pivot out the left toe with the weight still on this foot. Finally step out the right foot.





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