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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 100 – Single Whip

This is the 10th and final repetition for Single Whip. This variation has a lovely flowing quality. The opponent grabs my shirt. I neutralize her by wrapping my right hand over her two arms and shaking her off, more or less. I first move left and then right. This gets her spinning, and I follow with throwing her over my leg to the left. When done correctly, this application is like magic in its simplicity and effectiveness.


Anna grabs my uniform with her two hands.

The first picture is part of the transition to the front in the form. It is not part of the application.

Shift the weight straight back onto the left foot. Let the arms relax and extend.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.





I start to neutralize by attaching and sticking with my right forearm.

Turn the torso to the left until it faces slightly to the left of north. Let the turn pivot in the right toe to face north. Don’t let the left knee collapse inward or outward.

The two arms move with the torso. The right palm starts to form the hook hand. At this point I am attached to Anna’s left arm with my right forearm. This breaks Anna’s root and grip with her left hand. My left arm is just relaxed and floating.

Focus on the right forearm.





I continue my neutralization.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and release the left heel root by rolling up onto the toe. The torso turns slightly to the right to face north.

The two arms make a large counterclockwise circle in front of the body with the palms basically facing inward. The right hand remains in the hook posture.

Focus on the right arm for sticking and leading.

Note: I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for this part of the movement. What would be happening is my left/right turn while attached to Anna’s arm will break her grip and start her to turning a circle to her left. You can see that in the next application picture.





I now attach with my left hand while continuing to stick with my right arm. I step left in order to throw her backwards.

Step out the left heel with the toe facing west. Be careful to step wide enough to the left to provide a solid brake and base of support for the movement on that direction. The torso remains facing north. Don’t let the right knee collapse. Don’t add weight yet.

The circling ends with the right arm slightly behind the body and parallel to the ground.

The left hand is in front of the center left side of the upper chest. The palm faces to the right.

Focus on the top of the right arm for sticking and leading and the left palm for attaching to the opponent’s neck or back.





I throw Anna over my leg.

Shift the weight and turn the torso until it faces west.

The right arm remains to the right of the torso. The left arm moves with the torso to the left and ends in line with the left leg. Palm faces to the right.

Focus on the left palm for leading.

Note: I have joined, stuck, followed, and added just a little bit of momentum to Anna’s spin around and fall backwards. The right hook hand could now attack down into Anna’s vulnerable parts.





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