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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 99 – Grasp The Bird’s Tail

This is our last visit to this important sequence – Peng, Lu, Ghee, and An. The only major difference that I’ve put into this particular movement is with Right Push Upward. This is a quick attack following the previous Ward Off Left. I step in and slice the neck once again from the other side. Those of you who know the sword form will recognize this left/right neck cut.


Right Push Upwards  

Following the previous Ward Off, I move into center position and gather energy into the left Kua.

Using the torso, turn toward the left and pivot out the left toe keeping the root in the heel, until the toe and torso face halfway between north and east. Sink deeply into the left leg, and roll up onto the right toe.

The left arm moves to the left with the torso. The elbow relaxes some, and the hand moves into center position.

The right arm moves left and ends in front of the crotch.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.





Continuing towards the attack.

Step forward with the right foot. Touch down the heel with the toe facing slightly to the right of east. Don’t add weight yet. Keep the energy in the left Kua. The hands stay in center position.

Focus on the center.







I apply Peng Jing to the right side of Anna’s neck.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the torso to face the direction the right toe is headed.

The right arm expands upward and outward to end in front of the right shoulder. The hand is held in more of a cutting posture then previously.

The left hand follows and guards the right elbow. The palm faces the elbow. Don’t have the hand too close to the elbow or you might block the left hand from its possible other uses as a blocking or striking tool.

Focus on the thumb side of the right hand.





Anna is smiling because she is happy to have survived the previous two neck attacks. She now grabs my left wrist with her left hand.










Roll Back

I withdraw and apply Lu Jing.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot, and as you do, turn the torso to face halfway between north and east.

The left hand moves down to the left side of the waist and, as it does, the palm rotates counterclockwise to end palm facing up.

The right hand stays in the same relation to the torso. The palm rotates slightly to face more to the left.

Focus on the right forearm and left wrist.

Note: As I twist my left hand, Anna loses her grip. I continue to stick with my left palm to her wrist. I also stick with my right forearm to her elbow.






As Anna tries to escape back, I follow and apply Ghee Jing.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and turn the waist until the nose points to the right knee.

The right palm rotates a bit inward to end with the palm facing inward. The forearm drops until it is parallel to the ground.

The left hand rotates until the palm faces the right wrist.

Both arms move with the torso and expand outward.

Focus on the right forearm/wrist and the left palm.






I then pull Anna off balance toward me.

Shift the weight straight back.

The hands open to shoulder width with the palms facing slightly forward. As the weight shifts back, the two hands press slightly downward. Keep the elbows in front of the body. Don’t lean.

Focus on the two palms.





I throw Anna away.

Shift the weight straightforward.

Let the two arms expand forward. Keep some flex in the elbows at all times.

Focus on the two palms.

Note: All these movements are just following the energy of the opponent. If she comes forward, I help her go further then she wants to go. The same applies to her retreating. Always follow the energy.





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