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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 97 – Step Up And Lower Punch

This movement is quite similar to movement # 45 – Punch Downward. Traditionally this movement is a punch to the center or crotch, while Punch Downward is a punch to the knee. The shortened forms do only one since they are very similar. Here, the opponent attacks my center with her right hand. I neutralize it to my right, closing her up. I then step in, open her up, and punch her lower body.


Following the previous kick, Anna threatens from the front.

Withdraw the right leg.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.








Anna strikes towards my center with her right hand. She has her left foot forward. This will make a difference to my follow up to her attack. I neutralize it to the right.

Step down the right foot with the toe facing south. It is placed close to the left foot, but slightly to the right so you do not block your probable forward step with the left foot.

The right arm makes a counterclockwise circle down in front of the body and ends by the right side of the center of the lower body. The palm faces to the left. I am attaching with the back of my right forearm/wrist. Anna is now closed up.

The left hand starts to relax towards the ready position.

Focus on the right forearm/wrist for joining and sticking.





I am starting to step in, and the left hand is moving towards brushing the knee.

Shift the weight onto the right foot, and roll up onto the left toe. The torso has turned to head halfway between south and east.

The right hand stays in the same basic position. At this point I am still sticking to Anna’s wrist.

The left arm starts down in front of the body in a clockwise circle with the palm facing inward.

Focus on the right forearm/wrist for sticking.





I step in and open Anna’s center for my attack.

Step ahead with the left foot, just touching with the heel. Don’t add weight yet. The toe faces east. Be sure to step wide enough to the left to provide a solid base of support for your forward movement. The torso still faces the same direction.

The right hand stays in the same basic position. The palm still faces inward.

The left hand finishes its downward circle and ends by the left side of the left hip. I have just brushed Anna’s right arm out of the way of my coming punch.

Focus on the left hand for brushing.

Note: When I open Anna’s center, we are both open. I must act quickly with my punch.





I punch Anna’s center.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and as you do, turn the torso to face east. As you shift, incline the body slightly forward and downward. Be careful not to over-extend or let the left knee pass the toe.

The right hand forms a fist and extends outward to end at about your Dan Tien level. Be careful not to let the shoulders get out of square to the east. Do not let the right shoulder extend past the rest of the body.

The left wrist sets by the left hip.

Focus on the right fist for punching and the left hand for sticking.

Note: In this movement the body is inclined about a 30-degree angle. In Punch Downward, the body inclines about 45 degrees.





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