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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 96 – Turn and Cross Foot Kick With Sole

The opponent attempts to grab me from the rear. I turn, strike to the lower body, and follow with a kick to her center.


Anna starts to grab me from the rear.










I turn and deliver a quick strike to her lower body.

Shift the weight onto the right foot and as you do, turn the waist to the right until the torso faces north. Be careful not to let the right knee get out of alignment. Pivot in the left toe to face north.

The right hand pushes down and back by pivoting at the elbow. The palm ends up facing to the east. The left hand folds into center position to protect.

Focus on the right palm for the strike.

Note: This is obviously a strike slightly upward to the crotch. It is meant to stun the opponent.





I am starting my follow-up kick.

Shift the weight onto the left foot. Release the root on the right foot and touch down the toe. The torso still faces north.

The right hand is starting to swing up to block and distract. It is a pivot at the elbow. The left hand remains in center position.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.





Continuing the preparation for the kick.

Open the body to the right and lift up the right foot. The left toe faces north and the right foot faces east. The torso faces halfway between the two.

The right arm is continuing to swing around toward the face of the opponent by pivoting at the elbow. The left hand is starting to open to counterbalance this swing.

Focus on the center.






The kick is delivered.

Extend out the right foot, focusing on the energy into the heel or sole. This is a downward and outward kick directed to the center, crotch, or leg.

The right hand ends up facing outward at upper shoulder level in line with the right leg. This is to distract and block the opponent’s vision. The left arm opens to balance this movement. Don’t lean backward when kicking and don’t lock your left leg.

Focus on the right foot for kicking.




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