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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 95 – High Pat On Horse And Plane Cross Hands

This is a rather straightforward movement. The opponent attacks with her left side.  I yield in, down and to my left, and follow with a finger thrust to the throat.


1) The opponent threatens from the front with her left side forward.

2) In the form, I start to withdraw.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot, turning the torso to the right. Roll up onto the left heel.

Fold in the right arm to allow the hand to assume ready position. The left arm relaxes and stays in the same relative position with the palm straightening to face to the right.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.





Anna strikes in with her left hand. I neutralize it down and to the left.

Turn the torso to the left until it faces west. The left foot is pulled in and touches down on the toe. Ding Bow on Toe. This foot is now out of danger and is ready to block, kick, or step.

The left hand is withdrawn to end by the left side of the waist, palm facing upward. It is like Repulse Monkey. The right hand presses down and to the center to end at waist level, palm down, in front of the center.

Focus on the right palm for joining and leading.

Note: I am allowing Anna’s strike to continue on its natural path. I am just joining and making sure it doesn’t suddenly change course.






I step in to her center.

Lift up the foot and replace it so that the toe faces slightly to the right of west. This will feel a bit odd, but I want to get a good angle for my finger thrust.

Focus on the sticking with the right palm and the proper placement with the left foot.

Note: This step actually occurs at the end of the previous part of this movement. By the time the hands arrive at the proper place, the left foot has replaced inward, so the thrust can occur without interruption. These pictures make it appear that the hands arrive, and then the left foot replaces. That is not the case.





I thrust to Anna’s throat with my fingers.

Shift the weight onto the left foot. The torso turns slightly to the right to end with the toe, knee, and center facing slightly to the right of west.

The left palm extends outward and upward to end in the center of the body at throat level. The right palm presses slightly downward, staying in front of the center.

Focus on the left fingers and right palm.

Note: I am pressing down and in with my right hand so Anna cannot easily escape, and my finger thrust will penetrate deeply.





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