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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 94 – Single Whip

This is our next to the last Single Whip. I hope you have enjoyed all these variations as much as I do. I really feel they help to keep the form interesting and effective. In this application I deal with one opponent and then am faced with another. Anna will play both parts.

In the first part, the opponent attacks with her left side. I neutralize to the left, step behind her, and throw her over my leg. In the second part, the opponent attacks my face with her left side. I join, stick, and lead her to my left, and follow with a palm strike to her face.


Following Clouds Hands, the opponent threatens from the front. I come into center position.

Keeping the weight on the left foot, pivot out the left foot until the toe faces halfway between north and west. This pivot is done by turning the torso to the left. The toe, knee, and torso all face the same direction. Roll up onto the right toe in order to free up that foot for kicking, blocking, or stepping.

The hands move into center position. The left stays by the shoulder and the right drops in front of the crotch.

Focus on energy in the center.





Anna punches to my center with her left fist. I join and stick. I also step my right foot behind her forward, left foot.

Step ahead with the right foot, touching down the heel. The toe faces north. Don’t add weight yet. Be sure to step wide enough to the right to provide a solid base of support for the energy which will be moving from left rear to right front.

The right arm starts to rise slightly and the left palm opens a bit outward, as if touching the opponent’s wrist.

Focus on the left palm for joining and sticking.





After neutralizing, I apply Lieh Jing (splitting energy) and throw Anna over my leg.

Shift the weight onto the right foot, turning the torso to the right until the nose points to the knee.

The right arm stays straight and extends outward and upward, very much like Ward Off but the arm is straighter. It ends in line with the right leg. It forms the hook hand as it rises.

The left arm pulls to the left, slightly downward, to end by the left side of the body, at about lower chest level.

Focus on the Duei La of the two arms opening in the opposite directions. I could also use snapping energy and strike her face or chest with my right arm. The pull with the left arm keeps her from escaping.





 Anna’s twin sister threatens from my left.










The opponent strikes with her left arm to my face. I neutralize it with my left wrist/hand.

Keep the root on the right foot. Turn the torso slightly to the left and pull in the left foot to touch on the toe. I can now use this foot for blocking, kicking, or moving. Be careful not to let the right knee collapse inward.

Keep the right arm in the same basic position. The left arm comes up, mostly by pivoting at the elbow. The left palm faces to the right with the hand about face level. Keep the elbow relaxed.

Focus on the back of the left hand for joining. I am not applying any outward pressure with my left hand. I allow the opponent’s energy to continue to travel in the same direction and pass me by.






I add a bit of a pull with the left hand to upset Anna’s root and I step in.

Keeping the weight on the right foot, step out the left foot, touching down the heel with the toe facing west. The torso turns slightly to the left for the pull with the left arm.

The right arm remains in the hook hand. The left palm rotates to face outward and the elbow sinks a bit. This is the pull.

Focus on the left palm for pulling.

Note: This pull is more like a jerking motion to upset her root and open her up for the coming attack.





I strike Anna’s face with my left palm.

Shift the weight onto the left foot, and at the end of the transfer, let the hip pivot in the right toe to face halfway between north and west. The left toe, knee, and torso all face west.

The right arm remains in basically the same place. The left palm extends outward slightly. It is in line with the left leg. The palm is at the shoulder level. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed.

Focus on the left palm for striking. Also keep some energy in the right hook hand for balance of energy.





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