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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


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Movement # 8 – Raise Hands 

I love the simple, elegance of Raise Hands. My partner sees a vulnerable area and attacks out. The opening disappears, leaving her with the unguarded arm. In this application, my opponent attacks my vulnerable right chest/rib area. I empty this area and attack her exposed left arm with a snapping energy to her wrist and elbow. It’s energy expression is also Lieh or Split, yet it is the opposite of Single Whip in that the two hands are moving towards each other rather then apart. It is important to note when applying this snapping energy, that when opponent attacks with her left arm, I use my left hand on her wrist and my right hand on her elbow and pressure in. Her arm will not bend like that. If I did the opposite, use my left hand on her elbow and right hand on the wrist, her arm would bend and this movement would lose all effectiveness.


Shift the weight onto the right foot and as you do, turn the waist to the right. Let the left foot turn inward, pivoting on the heel, until it points halfway between north and west. The right hook hand opens and the palm turns to face inward. The left hand relaxes and moves with the body to the right.

At this moment, Stephie sees the opening under my right arm and moves to strike me with her left fist.




This is the point where I empty by shifting the weight onto the left foot. I release the right foot root and pull the foot onto the right toe. Both hands are relaxed, the left has moved with the body as it turns to face just to the right of north.

I am ready to block or attack with my right foot. I am ready to use either arm for blocking or attacking.





Stephie didn’t withdraw quickly enough so I apply crushing strength to her wrist and elbow. I can then either break the elbow joint by snapping inward or apply a joint lock by shifting forward and upward while slowly increasing pressure.

When doing the form, be sure to have the two palms facing each other in the center of your body and at a distance that would allow you to attach to the wrist and elbow. I am using ding bow stance on heel, which means I could be kicking her shin, knee, or foot. My body has ended up to face just right of north. Keep the elbows drooped and focus the energy into the two palms. Be sure to get the fingers out of the way as you want to use the heel of your palm for striking.


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