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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 92 – Single Whip

This is an interesting variation for Single Whip. I am dealing with a double strike. First I neutralize a left hand strike to my right and stick. I then neutralize a right hand strike to the left and follow with a hook strike with my right hand. This works well with very fast attacks from the opponent.


Following Grasp Bird’s Tail, shift the weight straight back. Do not lean back. Keep the shoulders and elbows relaxed.









I neutralize a left hand strike to my face.

Turn the torso to the left, pivoting in the right toe to face north. Be careful not to let the left knee collapse.

Bring the two arms with you, and as you turn left slowly rotate the right hand until the palm faces to the left. This is for the joining process.

Focus on the right wrist for joining.





I wrap my right hand around Yoshi’s wrist (making the hook hand).

Shift the weight onto the right foot, turning the torso slightly to the right.

The right hook hand moves slightly in and to the right to neutralize. The left hand turns to face the right, getting ready to neutralize the incoming strike.

Focus on the right hand for controlling.





I now neutralize the right hand strike with my left hand.

The shift to the right foot is complete. Release the root from the left foot and just touch the toe.

The right hand remains in a hook and continues to move slightly to the right.

The left hand makes a hook in front of the left center of the upper body.

Focus on both hook hands.

Note: I have neutralized both of these strikes to my right. You can see that Yoshi is closed up and over-extended forward. He will surely want to retreat out of this situation. Also, hook hands are especially good for neutralizing. This wrapping makes control possible and changes easy.





I counter-attack by striking with the inside of my right hook hand.

Step out the left foot to face west. Be sure to step far enough to the left of the right foot to create a solid base of support and a good brake. Shift the weight onto the left foot, turning the torso to face west.

The two arms move with the body to the left. The left hook has grabbed and pulled to the left. It ends in line with the left knee, palm facing outward.

The right hook hand has made a small circle to free itself from the opponent’s wrist where it was joined, and deliver a strike to the opponent’s left ear. In the form, it basically moves with the body to the right to end slightly behind the torso. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed.

Focus on the left hand for pulling and the inside of the right hand for striking.





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