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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 88 – Turn And White Snake Puts Out Tongue

This movement is quite similar to Turn And Chop Opponent With Fist. Here I use an open palm to neutralize the attack from the opponent, and follow with a finger poke to the neck or face.


The opponent approaches from the rear.










I start to turn to face him.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot and as you do, turn the torso to face north. Let the hip turn pivot in the left toe to face north, keeping the root in the heel. Don’t let the right knee and leg lose integrality.

The left hand moves in an overhead arc and follows the body around, staying at head level. The right hand drops to waist level with the palm facing downward.

Focus on the energy returning o the center.





I complete my turn to face Yoshi and am in center position.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and release the right foot to just touch down on the toe. I can now use it for blocking, kicking, or moving. The torso turns slightly to the right to face halfway between north and east.

The hands move into center position. The left hand drops to end by the left shoulder and the right palm drops in front of the crotch.

Focus on the energy in the center.





Yoshi attacks with his right fist toward my center. I join, stick and start to lead down with the back of my right hand/forearm.

Step out with the right heel. The toe faces slightly to the right of east. Don’t add weight yet. Don’t lean back when stepping. The torso remains facing halfway between north and east.

As you step, the right hand arcs up and out. At this point it is on the right side of the upper chest with the palm facing inward. It is now joined with Yoshi’s wrist. I have closed him up.

The left hand remains by the shoulder.

Focus on the right hand/wrist/forearm for joining.

Note: Most applications for this movement use this part of the movement as a strike with the back of the hand to the opponent’s face.





I grab and pull Yoshi’s right arm inward as I poke with my fingers.

Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee just covers the toe. As you do, turn the torso to face the knee and toe direction, which is slightly to the right of east.

The right hand continues its arc and ends by the right side of the right hip with the palm facing upward. Don’t let the right elbow get behind the body.

As the right hand pulls inward, the left hand extends outward with the fingers pointing toward the front. Don’t let the wrist bend. There is a strong line of force from the elbow to the fingers. The fingers end at the upper shoulder level in the left/center of the body.

Focus on the right hand for pulling or leading, and the left fingers for poking.





A view of the end of the movement as seen from the front. Notice the strong base of support with the legs. It is easy to step too narrow in this movement and not have enough lateral stability. Also notice the strong line of force from the back foot, up the fairly straight leg, and out the straight left fingers.

There is a good balance between the outward and upward force with the left fingers, and the downward and inward force with the right wrist/hand.







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