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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 87 – Fan Through The Back

   This variation is similar to the previous Fan application, but different enough to be interesting. As the opponent tries to withdraw from my poking attack of Needle At Sea Bottom, I follow, open him, and attack with my left palm.


I come back up and lift the opponent’s left arm, opening him to an attack.

Bring the upper body back to straight. Step forward the left foot, touching down the heel. Don’t add weight yet. The toe faces west.

As you come back up, turn the right palm to face upward and lift it up with the body until it is about mouth level. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed.

The left hand moves up with the body and ends by the left side of the chest, relaxed and ready.

Focus on the right hand for lifting.

Application pictures below.





1) As Yoshi tries to withdraw, I put my right palm under his elbow.

2) As he stands up, I follow his upward motion and lift his left arm over his head. I step in with my left foot.

Note:  If you look at the second picture, you will notice that we are both open at this time. Not the perfect situation. His right arm is free to attack. If you look closer at this picture, my left side is ready to attack. It is in Yoshi’s space. His right side, from which an attack would come, is in the rear of his body. I can get to the target quicker and easier than he could.





I use a palm strike against Yoshi’s chest.

Shift the weight onto the left foot. The torso remains turned slightly to the right.

The right hand rotates to face outward and pulls slightly inward as your body moves forward. At the same time, the left hand extends outward to end on the left center side of the upper body. This is an example of Lieh Jing, two hands moving in opposite directions. I pull with the right, which makes the left palm strike more effective.

Focus on the two hands.





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