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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 83 – Raise Hands

This is the third repetition of Raise Hands. In the previous two, the opponent attacked with his left hand. Here, the attack is with the right. I neutralize the strike to my right with the left hand, and slap the opponent’s face with my right.


Yoshi starts his attack with his right fist to my center. I start to empty and retreat.

Sink the weight into the right leg and rollup onto the left toe. The torso is starting to turn to the right slightly. I have broken the left foot root so I can retreat.

The arms start to relax and close toward the front of the body, following the openness of Slanting Flying.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.

Note:  Sinking into the right foot and lifting the rear foot allow me to jump backwards if need be. Test this yourself. Stand in Right Foot Bow Stance. Now jump backward, keeping the right foot forward. Notice how you have to lift the rear foot in order to replace it backward. The further you want to jump, the deeper you have to sink into the right foot.





I empty my body, join with the punch, stick, and lead it to the right.

Put the left foot down with the toe facing halfway between north and west. Shift the weight onto the left foot. Pull in the right foot onto the toe. The torso faces slightly to the right of north. You are in Ding Bow Stance on right toe.

The left hand circles up and ends at the left side of the center of the belly. The palm faces to the right. It attaches to Yoshi’s wrist. The right hand is still relaxed by the right side of the shoulder.

Focus on the left palm for joining.





I slap Yoshi’s face.

Step down the right foot onto Ding Bow on heel. The toe faces slightly to the right of north. This is a kick to the opponent’s foot or lower leg. The torso also faces the same direction.

The right palm fills with energy and straightens a bit, staying at shoulder level. You are doing Lieh Jing. The two palms are pressing towards each other. The left palm is pressing to the right to stick with the opponent’s wrist and the right palm is pressing to the left in order to slap. A well – balanced movement.

Focus on the two palms pressing inward.





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