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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 81 – Step Back And Repulse Monkey – Right

This is the same application as the previous movement, but done with the other side. The opponent kicks with his right foot to my left side. I block, catch his leg, and pull him off balance.


Yoshi kicks and I block.

Lift up the left knee and touch the left elbow. As you do this, raise the right hand to end by the right side of the upper chest. Keep some flex in the right knee.

Focus on the left side firming up.

Note: I don’t know what happened in the application picture. It is not completely correct. I didn’t bring the right hand up when I blocked. It isn’t absolutely essential for the application, yet for maximum balance and structural strength, the right arm should rise.





I grab Yoshi’s leg.

Step back the left foot to touch down the toe. Be sure to step wide enough to the left to provide a solid base of support when you move the weight back onto it. Don’t lean forward when stepping back.

As you step, the left arm pivots at the elbow and the hand drops to about waist level with the palm facing slightly to the left. The right hand stays up.

Focus on the left palm for grabbing.

Note: When stepping back, it is especially important to sink deeper into the right leg. You need a powerful root in this leg in case the opponent pulls back. You do not want to be pulled forward off-balance.





I pull Yoshi off balance, and have a possible attack with my right hand.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot, and at the end, allow the right toe to pivot in to end up facing west. You are in Left Foot Sit Stance.

As you shift back, the left palm pulls back to end by the left side of the hip with the palm down. The right palm extends outward to end by the right center of the chest. Keep the elbows relaxed.

Focus on the Lieh Jing or Splitting Energy of pulling inward with the left hand and pushing outward with the right.





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