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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 80 – Step Back And Repulse Monkey – Left

I picked up this application for Repulse Monkey from Master Yang Jwing Ming. The opponent kicks toward my right side with his left foot. I protect myself by firming up my right side. I then grab his leg, pull it, and attack with my left hand. This protection is more or less a last resort since you will receive the full force of the kick, but at least you will not allow it to land on anything tender.


Yoshi kicks my right side. I block.

Keeping the weight on the left foot, raise up the right leg to have the knee touch the right elbow. Keep flex in the left knee. This connection of the knee and the elbow forms a fairly stable structure for blocking.

As you lift the knee, raise the left hand to end at the left side of the body at upper chest level. This will help to balance and stabilize the body. You’ll see this better when we look at the next movement.

Focus on the firming up of the right side.





I grab Yoshi’s leg.

Step back with the right foot, touching down the toe. Don’t add weight yet. Be careful not to lean forward as you place the foot back.

At the same time, the right arm pivots at the elbow and the hand drops down to waist level. The palm faces to the north, as if grabbing. The left hand remains in the same place.

Focus on the right hand for grabbing.






I pull Yoshi off balance and attack with my left palm.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot, and at the end, let the left toe pivot in to face west. The right foot should be at a 45-degree angle to the forward foot direction. Don’t lean back. Everything faces west.

The right hand pulls inward to end palm down by the right side of the hip. Don’t let the elbow get behind the body.

The left hand extends outward to end on the left side of the center of the chest. This final hand position is the same as the previous Repulse Monkey movements, except for the right hand facing downward.

Focus on the Lieh Jing (Splitting Energy) of the pull and push with the two hands.





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