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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 77 – Golden Pheasant Stands On One Leg – Right

Movement # 78 – Golden Pheasant Stands On One Leg – Left

   These two movements are always grouped together, so I have presented them in one lesson. My teacher translated the name as Golden Cock, but some years ago I raised Golden Pheasants and they stood on one leg like this when they reached for something high, so I decided to use that name. Both of these movements utilize a pull down with one side of the body and a raise up with the other. Very balanced and beautiful. In the first, I am continuing my attack from the previous movement, Snake Creeps Down. I am following with an attack with my right knee and right hand. In the second, I am neutralizing and pulling down with my right side and attacking with my left.


#77 – Golden Pheasant – Right

I am following up on the attack that I made in Snake Creeps Down. I am moving up and into Yoshi’s center.

Turning the torso to the left, pivot in the right toe to face half way between north and west. At the same time, fold in the right arm, releasing the hook. The right hand is by the right side of the waist. The left hand stays in basically the same position relative to the body.

Focus on the left hand for joining and sticking.





I step up and strike with the right knee or foot and the right hand.

First, pivot out the left toe to face halfway between west and south. Shifting the weight fully onto the left leg, raise up the right knee until the upper leg is parallel to the ground. The lower leg is hanging down. Keep the left leg flexed. Don’t stand up completely and lock your left knee. The body faces west.

The two arms work together. The left is pulling down and ends by the left side of the left hip, while the right hand is raised to end in line with the right leg. The fingers are poking upward, the elbow is soft, and the palm is at about shoulder level.

Focus on the right knee, the left palm, and the right fingers.

Note: You can’t see it, but I am pulling down on Yoshi’s right arm as I attack with my right side. He can’t escape easily.





#78 – Golden Pheasant – Left

Yoshi attacks with his right fist. I step back and join with his attack, planning on leading it inward.

Sink the weight deeper into the left leg and place the right leg back down behind the body with the toe facing halfway between west and north. Don’t add weight yet. Be careful not to lean forward when putting the right foot down, as that would make you vulnerable to a pull forward from the opponent.

As you step back, the right hand relaxes and the palm turns to face down. The left palm relaxes by the left hip.

Focus on the right hand for joining.





I am pulling Yoshi down and in, out of his root.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot, and at the end, pivot in the left toe to face west.

The right hand is pulling down and in slightly as you shift back. The left fingers are starting to rise. The two arms will be working together again – one pulling down, while the other pokes upward.

Focus on the right hand for pulling down.





I attack with my left side – knee/foot and fingers.

Rise up the left knee to end with the upper leg parallel to the ground. The lower leg hangs downward. Keep some flex in the right knee. Don’t stand all the way up.

The two arms work together. The right hand pulls down to end with the palm facing down by the right hip. The left fingers poke upward and end in line with the left leg. Keep the elbow relaxed. The fingers are at shoulder level.

Focus on the right hand pulling down and the left fingers poking upward.





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