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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 70 – Fair Lady Works At Shuttles – Right

The last of the Fair Lady series. This is actually a repeat of Movement # 68. Here you can see the possible application for the turning of the body to face the new direction. I say possible because the turning doesn’t really need an application, it can just be a quick turn to defend against the downward blow. I add it to give more meaning to this part of the movement for students. This application part of this movement does not necessarily follow the ending of the previous movement. Also, Yoshi plays two parts here – first the one who strikes with his right fist, and the second who attacks from the rear.


Yoshi attacks with his right arm and I Roll Back.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot and turn the torso to the right, pivoting in the left toe, until the nose, knee and toe all face north.

The right hand rotates clockwise until the palm faces upward. The arm moves down to the waist level. The left arm drops until the hand ends about at shoulder level. The palm rotates counterclockwise until it faces to the right. You are doing Roll Back.

Focus on the right hand and left forearm.

Note: You can see in this picture the inter-relationship between the two arms. The right hand is pulling upward and the left forearm is pressing outward. Yoshi is in a nice, neat arm bar.




The transition into the next defense.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and release the right root by lifting the heel and pivoting on the toe. The torso continues to turn to the right until it faces slightly to the right of north.

The two arms remain in basically the same position – center position.

Focus on the center turning






I block the downward attack.

Turning the torso slightly to the right, step out the right heel so the toe faces slightly to the right of east. Don’t add weight yet.

As you step, raise the right arm. The arm is fairly straight with the palm facing to the left. Keep a soft curve to the arm so the downward force will glance off. The left hand stays by the left side of the chest.

Focus on the right forearm for blocking.





I push Yoshi away.

Shift the weight onto the right foot, turning the torso, until the nose, knee and toe all face slightly to the right of east. Pivot in the rear toe.

Extend out the left palm to end at the left side of the center of the chest. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed. The right arm pulls in slightly, still overhead. The palm turns outward. Don’t lean forward.

Focus on the left palm for pushing.





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