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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 63 – Partition Of The Wild Horse’s Mane – Right

This is the mirror of the previous movement. The opponent attacks with his left fist. I join, stick, and circle his energy to the left, closing him up. I add a pull to disrupt his root, and then follow with a throw over my right leg.


Yoshi throws a left fist. I join and stick with the back of my left wrist.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot and pull in the left foot. Touch down the left toe. At the same time, turn the torso to the right until it faces the same direction as the right toe.

The left arm lowers and moves to the right with the torso. The palm rotates clockwise to end with the palm facing downward. The right arm remains on the right side of the waist.

Focus on the back of the left wrist for joining and sticking.





I am circling Yoshi’s arm over to my left side, closing him up. Possible foot kick with the left foot.

Lift the left foot and start to turn the torso to the left. Keep the weight well sunk on the right leg.

The left arm rises slightly and moves to the left with the torso. The right arm relaxes and starts to move to the center of the body.

Focus on the left hand to stick and lead the opponent’s hand to the left.





The close up is complete.

Place the left foot down with the toe facing north. Put the weight on it. Roll up the right foot so just the toe touches. The torso faces half way between north and east.

The two arms end up in center position on the left side of the body.

Focus on the left hand for grabbing.

Note: This is the important moment. My next movements are dependant upon my opponent. I am ready to move in any direction, block or attack with my right leg, use my right arm for a lock or strike, pull with my left hand or let go and attack. This is the moment of unlimited possibilities. I have to be open so I can react to whatever my opponent does.





I felt Yoshi was leaning a bit forward, so I add a pull, and at the same time, I step behind him to seal his probable retreat.

Step forward with the right heel. The toe faces slightly to the right of east. Don’t put any weight onto the right foot yet. There is a slight sinking deeper into the left foot as this happens.

The two arms stay in basically the same position. There is an internal feeling of pulling down with the left hand.

Focus on the left hand for pulling.





I throw Yoshi over my right leg.

Shift the weight onto the right leg and turn the torso until the nose points to the right knee.

The two arms split. The right moves with the torso to the right and it rises up to end at the shoulder level. The right hand is in line with the right knee, with the palm facing upward.

The left arm opens to the left and ends by the side of the left hip. The palm faces downward.

Focus on splitting the energy. The left hand pulls down while the right forearm rises.




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