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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 60 – Horizontal Single Whip

This movement is quite similar to Single Whip, Movement # 36. The opponent attacks from the side, I neutralize it to the right, leading the opponent’s energy further then he wants to go. I then step behind him, and throw him over my leg. The angle of the final direction is different then any of the other Single Whips. This one ends facing half way between north and west.


A transitional movement.

Following Push, I shift the weight straight back onto the left foot. The two arms relax with the palms facing down. Keep the elbows and shoulders drooped.

Focus on the center.






The opponent approaches from the left side. I turn to face him.

Keeping the weight on the left foot, turn the torso to the left, until the torso faces north. At the end of the turn, pivot in the right toe to face half way between north and east.

The two arms follow the torso to the left.

Focus on the center.





This is the point where I attach to the right fist strike. I unfortunately do not have a picture of this part of the application.

The weight shifts onto the right foot. The left is released and draws in, touching down on the toe. The body still faces north.

The left hand drops down to end in front of the crotch with the palm facing inward. The right hand forms a hook and the elbow bends a bit. The arm is parallel to the floor.

Focus on the right hook hand wrapping around the opponent’s wrist.





Here we see the opponent’s strike being led to the right, drawing him out of his root.

Keeping the weight on the right foot, step out the left heel, with the toe facing halfway between north and west. Be careful to step wide enough to the left to step to the side of the opponent.

The right arm opens to the right until the arm is straight, but not locked. The left arm still hangs in front of the crotch, providing a guard.

Focus on the right hook arm as it opens.

Note: The left foot stepping left balances the right arm opening to the right. Perfect Duei La.





The opponent is thrown over my left leg.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the torso until it faces the same direction as the left toe. The left knee just covers the toe.

The left arm is brought up in a diagonal direction and ends in line with the left knee. The palm faces to the right. Keep the elbow and shoulder drooped. The right arm remains in basically the same place.

Focus on the left forearm for opening.

Note: Even though the right arm stays in roughly the same place as you throw the opponent over your leg, there is an internal pulling apart of the energy (Lieh Jing). This is to make sure the opponent can’t just move with your throw and escape. By applying the opposing pull with the right hand, he is stuck in an awkward position.




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