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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 58 – Carry Tiger To Mountain  (Beginning of Third Section)

As I stated earlier, the first section was concerned with introducing the basics of Tai Chi Form. The second section played with these basics and added more challenging balance and coordination combinations including foot kicks. We now start the longest section, basically as long as the first two sections combined. This section plays with further combinations and has many repeated movements that are not as physically challenging as the second section. This section is like a long, slow cool down.

As I write this, it occurs to me that he form is like a great river. It starts high in the mountains with gentle, persistent rain that slowly starts to gather into creeks and streams. That is the first section. The water now forms into a river that cascades down through the gorges and canyons, which cause rapids and difficult parts. That is like the second section. And finally, the river finds its way on to the plain and spreads out to slowly and powerfully move to the sea. What a fun experience we can have rafting on this river from the source to the sea.

Carry Tiger To Mountain is again the lead into a new section. This time the opponent strikes to my center with a right fist. I empty, join, stick, and lead the strike to the right. I add a push to send him flying. This is actually a Right Brush Knee movement.


1) The opponent threatens from the front.

2) I start to empty. Pivot in the left toe to face half way between north and east. Sink the weight onto this foot.

The left hand starts to drop down the left side of the body with the palm facing the body. The right hand starts to relax.

Focus on the center.






I finish emptying and join with the strike.

The torso is turning to the right. The right hip is starting to open to the right. The right foot lets go of the root and touches with just the toe.

The left hand has made a small circle on the left side of the body and ends up by the left shoulder. The right hand folds palm downward, in front of the right side of the chest.

Focus on the right hand for joining.





I stick, and lead the strike to the right.

Continue turning the torso and step down the right heel with the toe facing slightly to the right of east.

The left hand stays on the left side of the body at shoulder level. I am actually placing my hand on Yoshi’s back.

The right hand continues to move down and to the right. It is now at about the waist level. The palm has now grabbed Yoshi’s wrist.

Focus on the right palm for grabbing and the left palm for placing it on the opponent’s back.





I throw Yoshi away.

Shift the weight onto the right foot, turning the torso, until the knee just covers the toe and the torso faces in the same direction the toe is headed.

The left arm extends outward to end on the left center side of the chest. Keep the elbow drooped. The right hand ends up by the right side of the right thigh with the palm facing downward.

Focus on the left palm for pushing.





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