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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 57 – Cross Hands  (End of Second Section)

We have reached another milestone – the end of the second section. The first section introduced the essential energies, and the second section worked with combining these energies in many interesting ways. The first section footwork was rather simple, while the second section stressed foot kicks. I feel that the second section is the most challenging.

Cross Hands is a common close to a section. In this lesson I am going to do something different. I will separate the form movement explanation from the application because I am starting the application from a north facing position and it will be clearer I think. In any case, the opponent grabs me with two hands. I apply Chan Ssu Jing (silk reeling energy) to break his grip and apply a double elbow lock. I think this is an interesting and fun application.


1) Following Withdraw and Push, shift the weight back onto the right foot, turning the waist until the torso faces north. As you do this, turn in the left toe to face north by pivoting on the heel. The right arm follows the torso and rises up to face level. The left arm opens upward and a bit to the left to end at the same level. Both palms face out.

2) Next, shift the weight onto the left foot, turning the torso slightly to the left. As you do this, the two arms start to close in front of the body. There is a feeling of pressing the arms together. The palms face inward.

Focus on the two arms as they open and close.

At the end of this movement, lift up the right foot and set it down parallel to the left and shoulder width apart.




1) The two arms cross in front of the lower belly with the left hand in front of the right. Center the weight. The torso faces north. The knees cover the toes.

2) Stand up. Do not lock the knees. Keep a bit of flex in them. The two arms lift upward to end at the level of the chest, about a foot or so away from the body. The right hand is now in front of the left.

Focus on the two arms lifting.





As I said, the application starts from a different place.

Yoshi grabs me with two hands. I Peng (lift upward) my two arms and attach to Yoshi’s forearms.







Sticking to the elbow region, I circle up and outward, breaking his grip.

I then continue to circle, this time downward, still attached to his elbows. As I do this, I sink my weight. His arms are now trapped between my elbows and my chest.







Finally I stand up and squeeze his elbows inward by lifting my arms upward, which locks them in an uncomfortable position. He is lifted up out of his root.









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