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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 56 – Withdraw And Push

The opponent grabs my right wrist with his left hand. I withdraw and attempt an arm bar. He escapes, so I close him up and push him away.


Yoshi grabs my right wrist with his left hand.

I start my withdrawal. I start to shift the weight back onto the right foot. At the same time, I open my right hand and turn the left palm upward under the right elbow. The opening of the right fist makes it harder for the opponent to hold on.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.






I apply the arm bar.

Shift the weight completely onto the right leg and turn the torso to the right.

The right hand pulls inward to end by the right side of the waist with the palm facing upward. The left hand has moved forward and upward to end by the center of the chest.

Note: Arm bars are a good example of Lieh Jing, or two energies moving in opposite directions. Here the right hand is pressing downward on the opponent’s wrist, and my left palm/wrist is pressing upward on Yoshi’s elbow. If this is done with snapping energy, it is easy to break the elbow. If done to control the opponent, put on steady pressure and lift the arms up to make the opponent get up on his toes so he will not be able to root.





Yoshi escapes and I start to close him up.

Keeping the weight on the right leg, start turning the torso to the left.

The left arm follows the torso to the left and makes an arc with the top of the arc about as high as the lower part of the face. The left palm still faces inward. The right hand turns over to be in ready position.

Focus on the left arm for sticking and leading.






The close up is complete and I am ready to push.

The torso has completed its turn to the left and now faces west. The weight is still on the right leg. At this point, I sink deeper into the right Kua.

The two hands are in push position. Keep the elbows drooped.

Focus on the two hands.

Note: You can’t see it here, but when I led Yoshi to the left, I added a pull at the end to break his root and keep him off balance.




I push Yoshi away.

The weight shifts onto the left foot, until the knee just covers the toe. Do not lean, or over-extend the knee. The torso faces west.

The two arms extend for pushing. Keep the elbows drooped and keep a bit of flex at the end of the movement. Remember that you push with your legs, not your arms.

Focus on the two arms.





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