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Movement # 54 – Turn Around And Right Foot Kick With Sole

This is Tai Chi’s example of a spinning foot kick. My previous left foot kick is blocked. I spin around and kick with my other foot. Don’t let this movement scare you. When done correctly, it isn’t too difficult.


Yoshi blocks my previous kick with his left side.

Following the extension of the left foot in the previous kick, pull the lower leg back until it is hanging perpendicular to the upper leg.

Focus on the center.







This is the spin or turn around.

Using the momentum of the left leg moving to the right, pivot or spin around to the right, setting down the left foot behind the right foot. You want to get the left toe to face as close to south as possible. This is the most difficult part of the movement. It is important to use the whole body turning to the right to bring the left leg around.

As you do this, the two hands come together in the center of the chest with the palms facing the body and the wrists crossed.

Once you have all the weight on the left foot, continue turning the body to the right and open the right hip by pivoting on the right toe. The left foot faces slightly to the left of south and the right knee opens to face west. The torso faces half way in between.

Focus on the center turning.




Getting ready to kick.

Lift the right leg until the right knee is close to the chest.

The two hands separate to the sides of the shoulders. The right hand is in line with the right leg.

Focus on gathering energy into the right Kua.






I kick to Yoshi’s center with my right sole.

Extend the right leg, concentrating on the heel or sole. The arms fill with energy to balance the outward movement of the leg. Do not lean the upper body backwards.

Focus on the right sole.






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