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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 53 – Left Foot Kick With Sole

The opponent approaches from the left side. He punches toward my upper body with his left hand. I neutralize him, close him up, and kick with my left foot to his center.


Yoshi threatens from the left side.









The punch is thrown. I join, stick, and lead it to the left.

Shift the weight back onto the left leg, rolling up the right toe. As you do that, the torso turns to the left until it faces the left knee.

The fists open and start to separate. The left hand moves with the torso to the left. Palms face outward.

Focus on the left wrist to join and stick.





I am now moving the weight back onto the right foot in order to kick with the left foot.

The weight shifts back onto the right foot until the knee just covers the toe. The torso turns to the right until the nose points to the right knee.

The two arms close towards the center. As the arms squeeze down and in, the palms end up facing the body.

Focus on the left wrist to continue leading the opponent’s arm.

Note: The picture of the application here is more or less a combination of this part of the movement and the following one. Sometimes it is very difficult to capture on film the large, flowing movements of Tai Chi Chuan.





Continuing the transition into the kick.

Sink the weight deeper into the right leg and roll up onto the left toe. The torso turns slightly to the left.

The two arms are brought up, wrists crossing in the center of the chest. The palms are turning to face outwards.

Focus on the left wrist to continue the sticking and leading of the opponent’s arm.






Getting ready to kick.

Bring the left leg up with the knee close to the body. The right toe is pulled in, in order to get ready to kick with the sole of the foot.

The two arms open outward, ending on either side of the shoulders. Right palm faces forward and the left palm face to the right.

Focus on the left wrist to continue sticking and leading. Also, focus on gathering energy into the left Kua for later release.





The kick is released to Yoshi’s ribs.

The left leg is extended. Keep some flex in the right leg. The left foot and torso face west.

The two arms remain at the sides of the shoulders. The left palm is turned to face north. Do not lean backwards when kicking.

Focus on the left foot.

Note: The left hand can be sticking to the wrist of the opponent. In that case, the palm faces right. I could also pull the opponent towards me with the left hand to further upset his balance and make the kick more penetrating. In that case, the left palm would face west or forward.





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