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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 52 – Strike Opponent’s Ears With Both Fists

There are many teachers that feel Tai Chi isn’t really a martial art. The name of this movement should convince all but the inconvincible. The opponent is rushing me to off balance me following the kick. I step down, neutralize his arms downward and outward, and follow with a strike to his ears with my fists. This is personally a rather strange way to attack back, but effective.

My partner for the next few movements is Josh Marean. I call him Yoshi. He has been a student of mine since he was a high school junior, almost a decade and a half ago. He is the newest Instructor at my studio. He has many talents including being a licensed Esthetician, river rafting guide, designer and manufacturer of clothes, leader of contact improvisation dance classes, and more. He is currently looking for a new community to share his skills with. If you need someone like him or know of any other places that might, please e-mail me and I’ll put him in contact.

Note: This next series of pictures was taken on a nice, sunny fall day in Port Townsend. Because of the angle of the sun, there is sharp contrast to these pictures. I hope this doesn’t interfere with your ability to see what is happening.


The opponent approaches from my right side.

Following the previous kick, withdraw the right foot.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.







I am opening my body to face the opponent.

Keeping the root on the left foot, open the right hip until the right knee faces slightly to the left of north.

Focus on the right knee opening. This could be a block with the knee if the opponent tried to kick.







I am neutralizing Yoshi’s push energy downward with the back of my forearms.

Step down the right heel with the toe facing slightly to the left of north. Sink deeper into the left Kua.

The two hands rotate to face inward, and then drop straight down the front of the body to end at the waist level.

Focus on the backs of the two forearms for pressing down.





Striking the opponent’s ears with both fists.

Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee covers the toe. The toe, knee, and body face slightly to the left of north.

The two arms strike outward and slightly inward to end at about your own ear level with the knuckles facing slightly inward. The outward and twisting movement of the arms happens together in order to focus the energy.

Focus on the fists.





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