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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 51 – Right Foot Kick With Sole

I learned this application from Master William C.C. Chen. I had some doubts about its effectiveness until I saw it used quite well in a UFC match. The opponent kicks with his right foot. I slap the foot down as I withdraw, and follow with a kick to his mid-section.


John kicks with toe to my lower body.

All of this movement happens with the body facing half way between north and west.

Note: We will be saying good-bye to John as my partner after this movement. Be sure to check out the final picture in this lesson to find out why.







I withdraw and slap John’s foot down.

Shift the weight straight back onto the left foot. You can roll up onto the right heel. The torso turns slightly to the left, so that if the kick does happen to get inside the defense, the crotch will not be very exposed.

The right hand moves straight down to end in front of the crotch with the palm down. The left hand remains up by the left shoulder to block and balance.

Focus on the right palm.




The transition into kick.

The right leg is raised, bringing the knee close to the chest. Don’t stand all the way up on the left foot. Keep some flex in the left knee and Kua for later release.

The right hand is brought up to the center of the upper chest level. The right hand is slightly in front of the left hand. In many forms, the two wrists cross at this point. The palms can either face inward or slightly outward.

Focus on gathering energy into the right Kua.





I kick to John’s center.

The right leg is thrust out. It can be directed to any area of the opponent that is not guarded – knee, groin, stomach, chest, or even face. Keep some flex in the left knee.

The two arms open sideways and end on either side of the body at the upper shoulder level. The palms face forward. The body faces half way between north and west.

Focus on the right foot.

Note: Be sure to check out the next picture to see why John will no longer be with us.





John and that rat Vinny, my web master and photographer, cooked up a plan to get back at me for all the pounding I gave John in the previous lessons. Vinny called my name, and as my attention shifted, John got back at me. After recovering, I fired him.

Actually, John is what we in the Northwest call a “snow bird”. He heads south for the winter. We’ll probably see him again towards the end of the form.







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