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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 50 – Hit A Tiger At Right

The application for this movement is quite a bit simpler then the previous one. I am attacked with the right fist. I neutralize it to the right and strike with a right hook to the jaw.


The opponent strikes at my center with his right fist. I start to react.

From the end of the previous movement, start to turn the torso to the right. The weight stays on the left foot. Roll up onto the right toe. The left hand opens and starts down towards the center. The right fist relaxes and opens.

Focus on relaxing the energy into the center.

Note: The body is turning to the right in order to be moving with the energy in case the neutralization doesn’t work and the strike hits the body.




I join and stick with the incoming energy, leading it to the right, closing the opponent up.

Step out the right foot, touching down the heel, toe facing half way between north and west. The weight sinks even deeper into the left Kua.

The left palm moves to the lower belly level with the palm facing right. The right hand is circling up to the right.

Focus on the left palm for joining.





The energy returns to the source. John struck out. I neutralized it, and by being relaxed and connected, the energy is directed back to him. If I am tense, this revolving door technique won’t work.

Shift the weight onto the right foot. The toe, knee and torso all face half way between north and west.

The right hand makes a fist and circles up to end up at face level with the knuckles facing inward. Keep the shoulder and elbow relaxed. The left hand makes a fist. The fists face each other with a feeling of squeezing.

Focus on the right fist for striking and the left fist for pressing to the right.





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