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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 48 – Right Foot Kick With Sole

   This begins what I call the “Big Foot Kick Section”. This is certainly the most challenging section because it contains four foot kicks close together. By now, a student’s balance should have improved to the point where these movements are challenging but not over-whelming. All of the following kicks in the remainder of the second section are sole kicks in the form as I learned it from Master Choy.

The opponent grabs my right wrist with his right hand. As I withdraw, I split the energy and deliver a palm edge strike to his face. I follow this up with a right foot kick with the sole or heel to his center.


John grabs my right wrist with his right hand.

I immediately relax the right arm so I won’t be pulled forward out of my center. The right hand lets go of the fist and the palm turns downward. The left palm relaxes and turns down to face the top of the right elbow. The weight sinks deeper into the right leg.

Focus on relaxing and letting the energy sink into the right leg.






John does not let go of his grip, so as I withdraw my body, he is pulled out of his root, making him vulnerable to my palm edge strike.

The weight is shifted back onto the right foot and the torso turns to face half way between north and west.

The right arm rises and is drawn back with the body until it ends by the side of the head. At the same time, the left palm moves in the opposite direction and ends in line with the left leg at head height.

Focus on the left palm edge to strike.

Note: I am not grabbing John; he is grabbing me. Because he doesn’t let go, he finds trouble. A grab is always tricky in martial arts that use joint locks and sticky energy. The feeling of the two arms here is like pulling something apart – Lieh Jing or splitting.





These two pictures illustrate the transition into kick.

The weight is shifted back onto the left foot and the torso turns back to face west. When the weight is fully on the left foot, the right toe turns in slightly.

The two arms close in front of the body with the left hand in front of the right. The palms face inward. The closing is like squeezing with the forearms.

Focus on energy in the center.





I have stuck to John’s right wrist with my right hand and I am getting ready to close him up and kick him.

The weight is on the left foot and the left toe is turned out slightly by turning the waist to the left. Sinking deeper into the left leg activates the left Kua. Roll up the right foot onto the toe.

The two arms start to rise upward and outward. At this point they are in the center of the chest, getting ready to open outward. Palms are starting to turn outward.

Focus on the right wrist for joining and the energy in the left Kua.




I am in the process of kicking.

The right leg is raised with the knee close to the chest. The leg is coiled and ready to spring out.

The two arms are starting to separate with the palms now facing outward. They are still at the center of the chest level.

Focus on the right wrist for joining and the gathering of the energy into the right hip and leg.






The thrust kick is delivered into John’s center.

The right leg is extended or thrust out. The leg should be straight at the end of the movement. The body and kick face west.

The two arms complete their opening. They end at the sides of the body at upper shoulder level. Palms face outward. Keep the elbows relaxed. I am still joined to John with my right palm.

Focus on the right palm for joining and the right foot for kicking.

Note: The opening of the arms and the thrusting out of the leg happen together for power delivery and balance. The power comes from the left leg pushing downward and the stored energy in the right Kua. Don’t lean the torso back when kicking or some of the power will be lost.




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