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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 45 – Step Up And Punch Downwards

Another in the series of blocks of foot kicks. In the two previous movements, the step in and block was followed by a push of the opponent to off balance him. In this movement, the block is followed by a punch to the lower body – the knee, thigh or crotch. When punching downwards, be careful not to lean too far forward and expose your head to the opponent. Also be careful not to extend so far forward that your knee would extend past your toe.


Moving forward and inside the opponent’s kick. Imagine the opponent directly in front.

1)       Using the weighted foot turn, pivot out the right leg until the right toe faces half way between south and east. Roll up the left foot onto the toe. The left hand stays in the same basic relationship to the chest and relaxes. The right hand relaxes until the fingers face downward and hangs by the right thigh. Focus on the center.

2)       Step forward the left foot, touching down the heel without putting all the weight onto it. The left arm brushes the left thigh by dropping or circling down to end on the left side of the thigh. The right hand makes a fist, and the fist is held by the right side of the waist. Focus on the left arm for blocking.




The punch is delivered.

Shift the weight onto the left foot, and as you do, turn the torso to face east. The body inclines to a 45-degree angle. Notice the line made from the right foot, leg, spine and head. It should be fairly straight. Do not let the knee extend past the toe.

The right punching fist moves from the waist to the front and down to a level near the crotch. The left wrist has “set” indicating the left hand is pulling backwards to counterbalance the forward thrust of the right fist.

Focus on the right fist for punching and the left hand for Duei La (counter balance of energy).




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