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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 42 – Turn and Left Foot Kick With Sole

   This is the first of many thrust or sole kicks. The thrust kick is quite a bit stronger then the snap kick, but slower, because the thigh has to be raised higher before the lower leg is extended outward. In the snap kick, the power comes mostly from the knee joint straightening, or snapping upward. In this kick, the power comes more from the center of the body and moves down and out. You can get your whole body behind this thrust out. If you wanted to break a board or break down a door, this is the kick you would use.

In this application, the opponent approaches from the rear and starts his kick. I turn, block, and kick all at the same time.

It is hard to do this movement in the solo form, and if you watch videos of teachers as they do this movement, you will notice that many have problems making this smooth and easy. Many put the left foot down as they turn to aid in balance, and I recommend this for people who have any balance issues. But do try and work on improving balance by keeping the left leg up as you turn. The arms pulling into the center helps keep the balance centered.


The opponent approaches from the rear and is going to deliver a kick.

In this picture, I am starting by having my weight on my right foot and touching the ground with the left toe.  In the form, I have finished the Left

Foot Kick and the lower leg returns to hang down from the thigh, which is parallel to the ground. The left toe does not touch.






I turn and block the kick with my left leg.         This is a difficult turn. All the weight remains on the right foot and the torso turns to the left. The torso ends up facing halfway between south and east. The right foot pivots on the heel and turns to the left until the toe faces south. The hands come into the center of the body, with each hand on its own side of the center of the upper chest. The left thigh is slightly higher then parallel to the ground.

All of the above movements happen together and the motivation or direction comes from the center turning to the left. Everything must move together.

Focus on the left thigh for turning and blocking.




The left sole or heel thrusts out to deliver the kicking energy.

The kick is done with the heel or sole. The foot feels like it is being pressed down and forward. The left foot faces east, the right toe faces south, and the torso faces half way between. The two arms open together, like pulling a rubber band apart and end on either side of the shoulders with the palms facing outward. The opening of the hands and the kicking of the leg happen together for energy generation and balance. Do not lean back when kicking.

Focus on the left sole.





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