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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 29 – Left Brush Knee

   This application is similar to the previous Left Brush Knee movements, except that this movement deals with two strikes. My partner first strikes towards my upper body with her left fist. I neutralize it to the left. She follows this with a right fist strike, which I neutralize to the right. I add a pull to up root her balance, step behind her, and push her over my left leg.


Anna strikes with her left fist. I join and neutralize to the left, closing her up.

There are no foot movement changes for this first part of the movement.

The right palm turns inward as the elbow drops slightly and the torso turns slightly to the left. I join partner’s incoming energy with the inside of my right forearm.

I am turning the torso as a natural response to the strike. Even if I miss the block, my body is turning so the blow will not hit directly.

Focus on the right forearm.





Anna now strikes with her right fist. I join and neutralize this to the right.

No foot movement for this part of the movement.

The right arm continues to drop down the front of the body and when the elbow gets to the waist level, the lower arm drops all the way down. I am still sticking to Anna’s left arm and am moving it to the right side.

My left arm has circled up with the palm facing inward and ends at the center. I am now attached with the inside of my left forearm to partner’s wrist or forearm.

Remember that the torso does all the movements. There is a strong likelihood that these blocks will be done using only the arms, and that is incorrect. Use the waist to make the movements effective and easy.

Focus on the left forearm and right wrist.





I now lead Anna a bit more to the right with a slight pull. This upsets her root. At the same time I step to her right side to seal her retreat.

As the torso continues to turn to the right, the left foot steps forward. Do not put the weight onto the foot yet. Keep a deep root on the right foot.

The right hand continues to circle up to the right and ends up by the right shoulder. It is there to protect, block, or strike.

The left hand stays in the same relative position and moves right as the torso turns.

Focus on the right hand for joining, and the left foot for proper placement. This is where I gather the incoming energy of partner into my right Kua.





The energy is released back into partner, which results in her being thrown over my left leg.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and as you do, turn the waist until the nose points to the left knee.

The left hand brushes the knee by moving down and across the body to end up at the left side of the left thigh, palm facing down. I am actually pulling Anna’s right arm down and back to aid my unbalancing her.

The right arm strikes forward to end up in the right center of the chest. Keep the elbow sinking. Also, keep the right hand on the right side of the body.

There is a strong connection between the pushing out of the right palm and the pulling back of the left palm.

Focus on both palms.





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