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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement #26 – Slanting Flying

   This is a classic example of Lieh Jing or Splitting Energy. The two arms move in opposite directions with the same force. In Single Whip and Raise Hands, the splitting happened on a horizontal plane. Here it is a diagonal energy split.


Partner attacks from the right side. I turn and assume the center position with my weight on the left foot, right toe just touching down to block or kick. The left hand is held high, the right hand low. I am ready for whatever Anna does.

The right leg opens to the right and ends up with the right toe facing north. The left foot still faces westerly. My body faces half way between them. At this point I could kick or block with the right leg.

This is a difficult movement, the opening of the right hip. Be sure to keep the root on the left foot and do not let the left knee collapse.

My awareness has moved to cover Anna.





Anna attacks with her left side (fist and step). I attach and lead her to the left, and at the same time I step behind her with my right foot to seal her retreat. She has overextended and has lost her root.

The right foot steps ahead and the heel touches down. Do not put any weight on the foot yet. Do not lean backward when stepping. Be sure to step wide enough in order to step to the right side and behind the opponent.

The hands remain basicly in the same position.

Focus on the left hand for joining and the right foot for stepping or kicking.




Anna tries to retreat and regain her balance. I follow her, add a bit of Lieh Jing (splitting energy), and throw her over my right leg.

Shift the weight onto the right foot until the knee just covers the toe. As you do that, the torso turns to the right until the nose points to the right toe. The torso turning turns in the left toe until it is at a 45-degree angle to the front toe (north).

The two arms move in opposite directions with the palms facing each other. It feels as if you are pulling something rubbery apart. The right hand ends up in line with the right shoulder with the fingers extended. The left arm has moved backward and ends up by the left side with the fingers extended.

Focus on the right forearm and the left palm.




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