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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 19 – Cross Hands (End of 1st Section)

   Cross Hands is the transition movement between the first and second as well as the second and third sections. It is usually done as a rest and regroup sort of movement where the stance comes back to horse stance and the breathing is consciously coordinated. In keeping with my idea of having applications for movements, in this one my opponent attacks me with his right hand. I neutralize it to the right, step beside or behind him, and lift him up for a possible throw over my shoulder.


Following Withdraw and Push, Rex attacks my right side. I turn and neutralize his arm to the right with my right forearm.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot and turn the torso to the right, turning in the left toe until it faces north. Keep the weight centered on the right foot. Do not let the right foot roll on to the outside of the foot.

As the body turns, the right arm makes a large arc and ends up with the palm facing forward on the right side of the body. The left arm opens slightly to balance the movement of the right arm. There is a strong connection between the two arms.

Focus on the right forearm for attaching and neutralizing.





The two arms close around the opponent.

In the form (which is slightly different then the application), shift the weight to the left foot, and bring the right foot back, parallel to the left foot and shoulder width apart. Keep the weight down with the knees just covering the toes which both face north.

The two arms circle down and cross in front of the lower body.

Focus on the two arms for holding partner.

In the application, I would step to the side or behind partner depending on my position in relation to him.




I lift Rex and can throw him backward over either shoulder.

Raise the body to standing position. The arms move with the body, ending in the center of the chest. Palms face the chest. The left hand is in front of the right hand. Keep the elbows drooped.

Focus on the space between the two arms.

In the form, when I stand up I keep more weight on the left foot so I can more easily move the right foot, as the next movement will be a step to the right. It is my idea to stay single weighted throughout the form.








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