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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


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Movement # 18 – Withdraw and Push

   In this movement application, the opponent has grabbed your right fist with his left hand from the side. There is a rather simple escape from a grab by exiting towards the opening caused by the closing of the thumb and fingers. Look at your own hand when you grab your other wrist from below and notice where the thumb and fingers meet or come close. It is through this opening that we escape. There is another basic principle of Tai Chi that states: if you want to go left, first you must go right; if you want to go up, first you must go down, etc. When he grabs me from the right, I must exit left, so I make a quick jerking motion right, then quickly and easily exit left. I then pull him toward me to break his root and finally, push him away. There are many basic principles and ideas contained in this rather simple movement.


My opponent grabs my right wrist with his left hand. If he had grabbed my wrist with his other hand, his right, this technique would not work. I will deal with that possibility later in the form.

Notice that his thumb and fingers join at the left side of my wrist.








I am starting my escape and getting ready to grab his wrist.

Keeping the weight on the forward left foot, turn the waist slightly to the left.

The right fist extends and opens; the palm turns to face down, as the arm moves to the left along with the waist. The arm and torso move together. The left palm turns palm outwards and brushes along the bottom of the right forearm getting ready to grab.

Focus on the right wrist.






I have grabbed his wrist and pulled him to upset his balance.

Shift the weight back into the right foot, turning slightly to the right to gather the energy in the right kua and leg. Do not lean backwards.

The two hands have opened in the front of the body, and then the elbows have dropped back into push position. Keep the elbows drooped. Don’t let the arms get behind the body.

Focus on the left hand to grab and then both hands to pull opponent off balance.





Push opponent.

Shift the weight onto the left foot until the knee covers the toe.

The two palms move forward with the body and extend slightly at the end. Keep the elbows drooped.

Realize that it is the legs that are doing the pushing. Do not just push with the arms. Most of the push is done with the left leg. Do not lean forward.

Focus on the two palms.







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