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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 14 – Left Brush Knee

   This movement is the opposite of the one before it, only this time he is attacking with his right hand. Partner punches high. I join, stick, seal his retreat, open him up, and attack. Remember, we want to keep partner closed up as often as possible. Also, follow partner’s energy. Do not fight against it.


Following Right Brush Knee, partner attacks high with his right hand. I sink back and join with his energy.

Shift the weight straight back onto the left foot, lifting the right toe off the ground. The right hand turns over to face upward. The left hand turns to face to the right.

Focus on the left palm to join with partner’s wrist.






The moment of deciding what to do. Again Rex is starting to retreat so I get ready to follow him. Notice how his right arm is blocking and closing up the rest of his body.

Shift the weight onto the right foot, and at the end when the right knee just covers the toe, roll up the left foot onto the toe. The right hand has circled up to the right side of the chest, hand relaxed. The left arm has continued to stay joined with partner’s arm and is gently pressing it downward.

Focus on the left hand to stay joined with partner.





Rex is concerned with my right hand. He doesn’t pay attention to my left foot, which seals his retreat.

Step ahead with the left foot. It ends up facing just to the left of west. Do not put any weight on it yet.  The left hand continues to gently lower.

Focus on the left hand to continue joining and leading, and the left foot for proper placement.





The movement is complete. I push Rex backward and use my leg to upset his balance. I could just as easy strike him with my palm.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the waist until the nose points to the left knee. The right arm has extended outward to end up on the right side of the center of the chest. Keep the elbow drooped. The left hand has turned palm down by the left side of the left thigh. Keep the elbow soft.

Focus on the right palm for pushing or striking. Feel the balance of energy in the pulling back of the left wrist.





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