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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 108 – Conclusion Of Tai Chi Chuan

The conclusion of the form. We gather energy, return it to the center, and go back to the state of Wu Chi. We started with Wu Chi then moved between Yin and Yang for 108 movements, and return to Wu Chi. From Wu Chi to Tai Chi, and Tai Chi to Wu Chi. A full circle.


1) Inhale and open. Shift the weight onto the right foot and as you do, turn the torso to the right until it faces north. Pivot in the left toe to face north.

The right hand moves with the body and makes a large arc shape, palm facing outward. It ends on the right side of the head.

The left arm rises and comes part way with the body, then it opens to the left a bit, ending on the left side of the head.

2) Exhale and gather. Shift the weight onto the left foot and release the right heel to touch just the toe. The toe pivots to face north.

The two hands close towards the center, palms squeezing together.

Focus on opening and gathering energy toward the center.





The first picture is the ending of the gathering sequence. It is also the end of the exhale. Bring back the right foot so that it is shoulder width and parallel to the left foot. The left wrist crosses in front of the right wrist. Palms inward.

3) Inhale. The two arms rise to the upper chest level, drawing the energy from the DanTien up the body. The wrists stay crossed.

Focus on the energy first gathering into the Dan Tien, and then moving upward in the body.





The two hands open to the sides and the palms turn downward. This is the end of the inhale. The energy now splits to the sides of the body, basically filling the torso.

4) Exhale. The two palms push downward and end at the level of the Dan Tien. The weight stays down. The energy is returning to the Dan Tien.

Focus on the energy moving down to the Dan Tien.





5) Stand up. The end of the exhale. We return to Wu Chi Stance where we began. The energy has returned to the Dan Tien and quiets. Stand for a few moments and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Don’t be in a hurry to go back to your old patterns and habits.


I say thank you using the Tai Chi greeting posture. Yang fist inside Yin palm. Firm and solid on the inside, soft and yielding on the outside. Perfect Tai Chi. Many blessings to us all. Please read the follow up on the next page.





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