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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 107 – Withdraw And Push

The opponent grabs my right hand with his right hand. I neutralize him off, and since we are both open, I follow with a quick strike with both palms.


John grabs my right hand with his right hand. I start to wipe his hand off.

Sink deeper into your left foot and as you do, release the fist. At the same time turn the left palm upward and start to expand it forward.

Focus on the energy returning to the center.







I wipe John’s hand off with my left hand.

Shift the weight straight back. Don’t lean back. You must gather energy quickly into the right Kua in order to spring it forward.

The left hand circles over to the left side of the chest with the palm facing upward until the end when it rotates to face to the right. I am wiping John’s hand off and sticking to his wrist with the outside of my left wrist.

The right hand opens a bit to the right and rotates to face to the left for balance and possible protection.

Focus on the left wrist for wiping.





I get ready to push.

Keeping the weight back, turn the palms to face forward.









I strike John’s chest with two palms.

Shift the weight onto the left foot.

The two palms extend outward and end in front of the center of you chest. Don’t lock your elbows. The torso, left knee and toe all face west.

Focus on the two palms for striking.

Note: Since we are both open, this has to very fast and done with a solid Fa Jing or explosive energy.





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