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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 106 – Step Up, Deflect Down, And Punch

The opponent grabs my left wrist with his left hand. I retreat and either chop him off, apply an arm bar, or apply Chan Ssu Jing to neutralize his left arm grip by wrapping around his arm like a snake. I follow with a chop downward with my left hand, and finally punch his center with my right fist.


John grabs my left wrist with his left hand.










I chop John’s elbow to release his grip.

Shift the weight onto the left foot, turning the torso to the left until it faces west. Pull in the right foot to touch down the toe.

The left hand opens and rotates to face upward as it moves down to waist level.

The right hand stays in a fist and drops down to chest level. It moves with the body to the left.

Focus on the right forearm for chopping and the left wrist for sticking.





I am now in the process of deflecting and stepping in.

Lift up the right foot and replace it down in front of and slightly to the right of the left foot. The toe faces north. This is a good opportunity for a foot kick. The torso is turning to the right.

The left arm makes a large clockwise circle in front of the body with the little finger edge of the hand leading. This is a chopping motion. At this point it is in front of the left upper chest.

The right hand stays in a fist and makes a smaller clockwise circle and comes over to the right side of the waist. The right arm is actually dropping inside of the opponent’s arm, and then moving it to the right in order to open his center.

Focus on the right forearm/hand for using twisting, snake like energy to neutralize.





I complete my opening and chopping down to John’s neck. I could chop down on his arm also. Notice how I stick with the back of my right wrist.

Sinking the weight onto the right foot, roll up the left foot onto the toe. It is now free to step, block, or kick. The torso now faces halfway between north and west.

The right arm is at the right side of the waist with the back of the fist facing down. Don’t let the elbow get behind the body.

The left arm is in front of the left side of the body with the palm facing north. It has completed its chopping down movement.

Focus on the right wrist for sticking and the left palm edge for chopping.





Stepping in to punch.

Step forward with the left heel touching. The toe faces west. Don’t add weight yet. Be sure to step wide enough to the left side to provide a good brake for your forward movement and a base of support for your punch.

The hands stay in the same basic position.







I punch John’s center.

Shift the weight onto the left foot and turn the torso to face in the same direction as the toe and knee. Don’t lean forward.

The right fist extends outward with the hand twisting a half turn counterclockwise. The fist ends in line with the center of your body. Keep the elbow and shoulder relaxed.

The left palm pulls inward and ends facing the right elbow.

Focus on the right fist for punching.

Note: Remember that the punch comes from the legs, is transmitted via the waist, and moves into the arm. It is the legs and body that punches, not just the arm. Also, the pulling in of the left arm intensifies the torso turn and makes the punch faster and more forceful.





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