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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 104 – Turn Around And Kick Horizontally

This is perhaps the most difficult of all the movements to do correctly and with relaxation. Watch the tapes and films of the Masters, and you will notice not many do this spinning kick without losing balance. People mostly fall into the left foot after spinning around. It is my feeling that the weight should remain on the right foot throughout the turn and only when the turn is completed, do I step out onto the left foot for the kick. The opponent strikes toward my center with his right fist. I neutralize it to my right, closing him up. I use this right turning energy to help spin me around to the side or behind him. This is followed with a horizontal kick to his ribs. I don’t think the pictures convey the actual spin and step in well. It is hard to do.

I want to welcome back John for the last series of movements. I have forgiven him for his surprise attack in a previous lesson.



John punches towards my center with his right fist. I join, stick and lead it to the right.

The torso turns slightly to the right. Don’t let the knees collapse.

The right hand folds in front of the body by pivoting at the elbow. The hand ends at the right center side of the chest with the palm slightly facing to the right. It is now attached to John’s wrist.

The left hand comes up to the left center side of the chest with the palm facing right. It is now attached to the elbow.





The spin.









The turn around is completed. As you study the pictures, notice that the left leg more or less leads the turn. It is the torso turning that makes this smooth and effective, but it is the momentum of the left leg that really helps to get the body around. Also, use the two hands to help. As the body goes around, the two hands stay in the same relative position, but they pull in a bit tighter to the body to keep them out of harm’s way. Keep the body weight sinking on the right foot the entire time. Don’t stand up as you turn.

When you get around, touch down the left toe briefly so you do not just fall into the left foot. In practical application this would not be so.

Focus on the energy in the center for the turn around.





I now re-attach to John’s forearm and get ready to kick.

Step out the left foot with the toe facing halfway between west and south. Shift the weight onto this foot. The torso faces slightly to the left of west.

The two hands again assume the “attach to the elbow” posture by expanding outward a bit.

Focus on the two hands.





The kick starts.

The torso remains in the same basic position. Lift up the right thigh. It is going to come up to a horizontal position and then swing to the right.

The two hands remain in the same basic position. I am still attached to John’s forearm. Do not grab or you could be pulled off balance.

Focus on the two palms and the energy moving into the right leg.





The kick lands on John’s ribs. This is a sweeping kick with the side of the foot. The leg is straight. Flexible martial artists can spin and kick to the opponent’s head. You have to be careful in any kick as standing on one leg compromises your balance.

The torso remains in the same basic position. The right leg swings to the right and ends slightly to the right of west. Keep the leg straight with the toes facing upward.

The two hands remain in the same basic position. I can add a pull at the last moment to help the force of the kick penetrate.

Focus on the outside edge of the right foot and the two palms.





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