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Yang Style Long Form

Tai Chi Chuan


This Lesson Contains:

Movement # 98 – Ward Off Left

This is an interesting application for Ward Off Left. The opponent grabs my right wrist. I retreat into my right Kua, and very quickly spring the energy up into her face or neck.


Anna grabs my right wrist with her right hand.

Focus on relaxing into center.









I retreat, knock her hand off, and stick.

Shift the weight back onto the right foot. Be sure to sink deeply into the hip/Kua area, gathering the chi. The torso turns slightly to the right as you shift. No foot movements.

The right hand pulls upward into center position. The palm faces slightly forward to be ready for a possible block.

The left hand is going to press down, so first, bring it up to center chest level by pivoting at the elbow. Then press down to have the palm end on the left side of the lower belly. It looks like center position.

Focus on the left hand for neutralizing and sticking.

Note: The withdraw of the right hand and the press down with the left must happen at the same time to be effective. The torso turn to the right makes this happen.





I return the energy to Anna’s neck.

Shift the weight back onto the left foot and turn the torso until it lines up again with the left toe direction.

The hands do Ward Off. This time the left Peng arm has more of a slice feel to it. I am not throwing Anna away. I am slicing her neck with my left hand edge. The right hand moves down and back to balance this Peng with the left.

Focus on the left palm upper edge.

Note: This is a very quick movement. I retreat, gather, neutralize, and attack back almost at the same time. I do not have time to step. The gathering into the right leg feels almost like I am going to jump forward.





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