(Also known as 88 Form, Fighting Form, Partner Form, or San Shou)

This is the most advanced of the forms taught before free style fighting. I believe it was developed with the encouragement of Yang Chen Fu by one of his senior students, so it is fairly modern. It explains how Tai Chi Chuan can and should be used as a self defense system. This course should only be undertaken when a student has completed his or her studies of the Long Form and Push Hands. It would be a waste of time otherwise.

The Partner Form is divided into two sides – each of 44 movements. These fit together seamlessly to make a beautiful dance-like sequence of attack – neutralize – and counterattack. All of the principles of Tai Chi are well expressed in this marvelous form.

In the Yang Tai Chi Chuan, there is no such thing as an attack, there is only counterattack. All movements are only a response to an attack by the opponent. Therefore, each movement is composed of three parts: join and neutralize, control, and attack. To start the Partner Form in motion, one person initiates an attack and then the form follows the principle of only attacking after neutralizing. It is easy to see when practicing that force does not work well, and the form also illustrates how important correct position is for a technique to be effective.

This form can also be practiced as an 88 movement solo form, quite similar to the Long Form, and is quite fun to really express Fa Jing (explosive energy).

Following are the names of the two forms. You’ll notice many have the same names as Yang Style movements, and the rest are clearly stated, not metaphoric.


Partner Form
Side A Side B
1. Step Forward & Right Punch 1. Raise Hands
2. Step Up, Intercept, & Right Punch. 2. Deflect & Punch
3. Change Step & Left Shoulder Strike 3. Hit a Tiger Right
4. Left Elbow Strike 4. Push with Right Hand
5. Left Backlist 5. Right Shoulder Strike
6. Withdraw & Hit a Tiger Left 6. Strike with Right Backlist
7. Raise Hands 7. Turn Right & Push
8. Deflect and Strike with Right Backlist 8. Deflect & Punch
9. Split Right 9. Partition of the Wild Horses Mane (Left)
10. Fan Through the Back (right) 10. Turn Body, Step Back, Roll Back
11. Change Step & Left Shoulder Strike 11. Turn Body & Push
12. Separate Right Foot Kick 12. Punch Downward
13. Pull Down & Split 13. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles (right)
14. Ward Off Left & Right Backlist 14. Stork Spreads Its Wings
15. Left Shoulder Strike 15. Step Back & Roll Back
16. Turn Body & Roll Back 16. Strike Opponent’s Ears with Both Fists
17. Double Push 17. Deflect & Punch
18. Single Push 18. File Right Arm
19. Withdraw & Push 19. Neutralize & Right Palm Slap
20. Neutralize & Push 20. Neutralize & Right Elbow Strike
21. Pull Down & Split 21. Change Step & Roll Back
22. Hit a Tiger Right 22. Turn Left, Step Back, Roll Back
23. Step Up arid Left Shoulder Strike 23. Return & Press
24. Separate and Right Shoulder Strike 24. Turn Body & Left Shoulder Strike
25. Right Elbow Strike 25. Golden Pheasant Stands on One Leg
26. Retreat & Pull Down Arms 26. Kick with Left Heel
27. Step Forward, Left Shoulder Strike 27. Step Back & Roll Back
28. Separation of Right Foot Kick 28. Separate & Right Brush Knee
29. Separation of Left Foot Kick 29. Separate & Left Brush Knee
30. Change Hands & Right Shoulder Strike 30. Return Right Shoulder Strike
31. Grasp Birds Tail Left 31. Wave Hands Like Clouds (right)

32. Grasp Birds Tail Right 

32. Wave Hands Like Clouds (left)
33. Open Arms & Ward Off Right 33. Parry & Right Upper Cut
34. Step Up & High Pat on Horse 34. Stork Spreads Its Wings & Kick
35. Turn & Horizontal Kick 35. Slanting Flying (left)
36. Pull Down & Snake Creeps Down 36. Slanting Flying (right)
37. Hit a Tiger at Left 37. Turn & Right Backfist
38. Repulse Monkey Right 38. Step Up & Left Palm Slap
39. Repulse Monkey Left 39. Right Palm Slap
40. Repulse Monkey & Hit Face 40. Step Up to Form Seven Stars
41. Needle at Sea Bottom 41. Fan Through the Back
42. Play the Fiddle 42. Shoot a Tiger with Bow
43. Single Whip 43. Fist Under Elbow
44. Cross Hands 44. Embrace Tiger & Carry to Mountain