9 Movements each side


This is a rather short, simple appearing, form that explains the applications of the Tai Chi Saber or Dao. Each side learns a nine movement sequence and these are fitted together to make a fun and instructive experience. Because it is simple, students tend to overlook the importance of this form as a teaching device.

There is a transition added at the end so the form becomes a round with each side switching to the other with the form continuing. Usually the practice starts slowly and carefully, and as it progresses, it becomes quicker and more fluid. This form is quite good as a demonstration form.

With the transition in place, this also becomes a nice solo form that can be practiced as a round.

This form is taught free online, and there is a good reference video available at the online store.


Side A Side B
1. Salute Partner 1. Salute Partner
2. Chop to the Neck 2. Turn and Chop Wrist
3. Retreat and Guard Left 3 .Pull Level Knife
4. Retreat and Deflect 4. Thrust Knife
5. Thrust to the Ribs 5. Side Step
6. Poke to the Neck 6. Spiral to the Right
7. Withdraw the Wrist 7. Chop to the Wrist
8. Push Vertical Knife 8. Cut to the Neck
9. Ride Tiger and Cut Wrist 9. Slice the Knee
 Following Movement 9, A switches to B starting with Move 2, Turn and Chop Wrist. Following Movement 9, B switches to A starting with Move 2, Chop to the Neck.