54 Movements This form seems to have been developed by Chen Mei Wing, the senior student of Yang Chen Fu. It is a lovely form consisting of 54 moves (people count movements differently, so it may vary). The double edge sword or Jian is a subtle weapon. It is often thought of as dragon energy, being curvy and wavy and soft. Women excel with this weapon as it is much lighter then the saber or spear. Many of the great sword players have been and are women. Like all Tai Chi forms, each instructor takes this form and expresses his or her own ideas about what constitutes correct play in our art. For some, the sword is quite soft, flowing and round. For others, explosive energy may be expressed with changes in timing and pace. I think that the weapons lend themselves to more self expression then the solo form. I personally do not allow myself to change levels (I never stand up) when doing the solo form, yet in sword work, I use all levels, frequently changing. I like the drama of sword play and its practice teaches the extension of energy. Once a weapon, especially the sword or spear, is learned, one’s solo form will never be the same. Energy freely extends beyond the hands and feet.


1. Beginning (Step Up and Enclose with Sword) 29. Follow the Water’s Current to Push the Boat
2. Immortal Deity Points the Way 30. Shooting Star Reaches the Moon
3. Three Rings Circle the Moon 31. Celestial Bird Flies Over the Waterfall
4. Great Pole Star 32.Poke the Curtain
5. Swallow Swoops for Water 33. Left and Right Whirling Sword
6. Left Right Intercept and Sweep 34. Swallow Pecks the Mud
7. Small Pole Star 35. Great Peng Spreads One Wing
8. Swallow Enters the Nest 36. Fish for the Moon at Sea Bottom
 9. Alert Cat Catches the Mouse 37. Embrace Moon to Bosom’s Center
10. Dragonfly Touches the Water 38. Night Demon Explores the Sea
11. Wasp Enter the Hive 39. Rhinoceros Looks at the Moon
12. Phoenix Spreads Wings 40. Shoot the Wild Geese
13. Left whirlwind 41. Green Dragon Explores With Claws
14. Small Pole Star 42. Phoenix Spreads Double Wings
15. Right Whirlwind 43. Left and Right Straddle and Block
16. Waiting for Fish 44. Shoot the Wild Geese
17. Part the Grass. Search for the Snake 45. White Ape Presents Fruit
18. Embrace the Moon to the Chest 46. Left and Right Falling Flowers
19. Bird Nests in the Forest 47. Jade Maiden Weaves at Shuttles
20. Black Dragon Wags its Tail 48. White Tiger Wags Its Tail
21. Blue Dragon Leaves the Water 49. Carp Jumps Over the Dragon’s Gate
22. Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaf 50. Black Dragon Twists Around the Column
23. Lion Shakes its Head 51. Immortal Points Out the way
24. Tiger Holds Its Head 52. Wind Sweeps the Plum Blossoms
25. Wild Horse Leaps Over the Stream 53. Hands Present the Ivory Talisman
26. Reined Horse Turns Its Head 54. Embrace Sword and Return to the Beginning
27. The Compass Needle
28. Welcome Wind Flicks off the Dust