39 Movements


A beautiful form that combines the smooth, easy movements of Tai Chi with the use of a sabre.  Can be very aerobic.  Requires concentration and a good understanding of Tai Chi principles.  Students learn how to bring energy to an external object.

The Tai Chi Saber (Dao, Broadsword) is usually the first weapon learned after a student has finished studying the solo forms. The saber is usually a large, rather heavy weapon that uses slashing and cutting motions primarily. It was used to defend against horse attacks as well to penetrate heavy protective armor used by the enemy.

The heaviness of the weapon requires unification of the body to make the movements effective, rather like hitting a baseball, or tennis ball. Saber play is not very subtle. If the student has not learned the use of the Dantien for energy generation, he or she might have a bit of a problem performing this form with grace. The study of this form will aid in unifying the body, strengthening the muscles and connective tissues, increasing will power and over-all power.

The saber is compared to the Tiger, being strong and powerful. The double edge sword is compared to the Dragon, being more subtle and sinewy.

Here again, the names are quite similar to the Yang solo form, with many movements taken directly out of that form.

This form is taught free online, and there is a reference video available at the online store.


1. Commencement Of Tai Chi Saber   21. Spin Saber Left and Right
2. Step Up to Form Seven Stars 22. Step Left and Change Saber Hand
3. Retreat to Ride a Tiger 23. Right Foot Kick with Toe
4. Step Left and Change Saber Hand 24. Hit a Tiger Left
5. Cut Horizontally to the Right 25. Hit a Tiger Right
6. Cut Horizontally to the Left 26. Right Foot Kick with Sole
7. Circle to the Left and Uppercut 27. Strike Opponent’s Ears with Both Fists
8. Jump Back, Change Feet, Push 28. Change Saber Hand and Chop Down
9. Circle Right and Uppercut 29. Golden Cock Strikes Forward
10. Circle Left and Push 30. Snow Covers the Head
11. Turn Around and Cut Overhand 31. Turn Around and Chop Down
12. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles 32. Retreat and Parry to the Left
13. Press Forward Diagonally 33. Left and Right Double Wheel
14. Turn Around and Cut Overhand 34. Dragon Jumps
15. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles 35. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
16. Press Forward Diagonally 36. Horizontal Forward Press
17. Turn Around and Chop Downward 37. Right Horizontal Sweep
18. Golden Cock Strikes Forward 38. Change Saber Hand
19. Step to the Left and Press Forward 39. Conclusion of Tai Chi Saber
20. Turn Around and Cut Overhand