A unique opportunity to practice, learn, or just try Tai Chi in an outdoor setting. Michael has been leading the group in Chetzemoka Park every Saturday for over 20 years. Students of all levels from expert to beginner participate, sharing and practicing together. This is a very informal gathering.

Starting at 9 am. with wamups and chi kung. The sesson then usually moves into basic partner work, relating to Tai Chi Chuan. The sesson then continues with the form, staring with the first section, then second, and finally the whole long form. Students are encouraged to ask questions at the end of each section practice.

After the form, the group usually loses some beginners and moves into advanced practices — push hands, weapon work, or application form. The morning practice usually ends between 11 and 12.

This is a free get together and students of other instructors or people who are just interested in trying out Tai Chi are welcome.

The class meets year round, unless the weather is very rainy or the wind is cold and blowing. Wear gloves in cold weather.