Two 30 Movement Forms. An introduction to the double edge sword

This is a beautifully conceived two-person form that introduces and explains the use of the double edge sword. The student learns a set of movements, which is then put together with a partner.  After a student has learned both sides, he or she ends up with a solo form that can be enjoyed and practiced without a partner. A person must have completed some form of Tai Chi before attempting this class.



Side A Side B
1. Opening Tai Chi Sword 1. Opening Tai Chi Sword
2. File Back & Cut to the Leg 2. Straight Thrust
3. Cut to the wrist 3. Downward Parry
4. Big Pole Star 4. Right Parry and Thrust
5. Swallow skims the water 5. Straight Thrust
6. Little Pole Star 6. Little Pole Star
7. Twisting Sword 7. File Back
8. Shoot the Geese 8. Shoot the Geese
9. File Back 9. Inside Slice
10. Falling Flowers 10. Outside Sweep
11. Slash With sword 11. Inside Slice
12. Drawback Parry 12. Catch Hand and Whip Blade
13. Squeeze 13. Slash with Sword
14. Parry & Thrust 14. Jump Back Safely
15. Lion Holds Its Head 15. Lion Holds It’s Head
16. Snake Parry 16. Running Cut
17. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings 17. Bumping Parry
18. Place Incense on the Altar 18. Slash with Sword
19. Little Whirlwind 19. Little Whirlwind
20. Chase the Bird up the Tree 20. Parry & Thrust
21. Enclose with Sword 21. Reverse Bumping Parry/Inside Slice
22. High Drawback Parry 22. Cutting After
23. Night Demon Explores the Sea 23. Inside Parry & Thrust
24. Dragon Stands at Cauldron’s Edge 24. Parry Up
25. Fair Maiden Weaves at Shuttles 25. Maiden Turning Sleeves
26. Waiting for the Fish 26. Waiting for the Fish
27. Flash the Blade  27. Tornado Sword
28. Turn to Rein in the Horse  28. High Cutting After
29. Turn to Rein in the Horse (Continued)  29. Jump Back Safely & Vertical Thrust
30. Honeybee Enters Honeycomb (Continued)  30. Ride and Counter
31. Mutual Seal & Retreat  31. Mutual Seal & Retreat
32. Conclusion  32. Conclusion