11 Movements per side


The forms fit together to explain practical use of a cane or short stick as a weapon.  Develops coordination, timing, sense of space, concentration, and an understanding of how to move energy out into an external object.  Can be practiced as a solo form.

The cane or short stick was a popular weapon in China because anyone could carry a cane without drawing attention to him. It is said, “Watch out for an old man with a stick”.

This form teaches the three basic levels of attack and defense – high, medium, and low. The Three Powers refers to heaven, earth and man. It can also refer to the triangle, circle, and square, signifying Basic, Fluid, and Integration.

This is a very useful and fun form to learn and practice. There is a transition at the end of each side so this form can be practiced as a round solo or with a partner.

This form can be learned in a short workshop format. I offer it free online and there is also a reference video tape available at the online store.

Side A Side B
1. Open the Door 1. Move the Branch Aside
2. Snap the Branch 2. Stop the Branch
3. Whirlwind 3. Hit the Snake
4. Ride the Wind 4.  Dragon Attacks
5. Look for the Snake 5. Ride the Tiger
6. Rising Stick 6. Eagle Spreads Wings
7.  Piercing Stick 7. Move the Branch Aside
8. Snap the Low Branch 8. Tornado Raises Dust
9. Snake Attacks the Feet 9. Snap the Branch
10. Break Branch and Raise Dust 10. Drop the Stick
11.  Protect the Head from the Rain 11. Snake Bites the Neck
After move 11, switches to B, starting with move 3, Hit the Snake After move 11, B switches to A, starting with move 3, Whirlwind.