34 Movements. An easy to learn, thorough workout

Developed by Michael Gilman to teach the basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan in a form that can be practiced in as little as 6 minutes. Easy to learn, yet it is a thorough workout. It is a good introduction and preparation for continuing on to the Long Form.

This is a special shortened version of the Yang Style Long Form. It contains the essence of the Long Form but eliminates repeats and most of the more challenging balance and foot kick movements. The sequence remains the same, only taking out moves inside the Long Form, so by learning this short form first, no time is wasted if a student wants to continue on with the Long Form.

This form is ideal for people who want to get a start with the study of Tai Chi Chuan, and aren’t sure they want to go through the year or more it takes to learn the Long Form. This short form can be learned in as little as 10 weeks.

Another advantage with this form is that it can be practiced in its entirety in about 6 minutes, as compared to the 20 or so minutes to go through the Long Form. It requires less space, so can be practiced in doors when necessary. Three times through adds up to about 20 minutes which I feel is a minimum for a good Tai Chi workout.

There is a reference video available at the online store to accompany this course.


The sequence is as follows:

1. Commencement of T’ai Chi Ch’uan 18. Grasp Bird’s Tail
2. Ward Off Left 19. Single Whip
3. Right Push Upward 20. Wave Hands Like Clouds
4. Roll Back 21. Single Whip
5. Press 22. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
6. Push 23. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
7. Fist Under Elbow 24. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
8. Step Back and Repulse Monkey – Right 25. Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
9. Step Back and Repulse Monkey – Left 26. Grasp Bird’s Tail
10. Step Back and Repulse Monkey Right 27. Single Whip Creeps Down
11. Slanting Flying 28. Step Up to Form Seven Stars
12. Raise Hands 29. Retreat to Ride a Tiger
13. Stork Spreads It’s Wings 30. Turn Around and Kick Horizontally
14. Left Brush Knee and Twist Step 31. Shoot a Tiger With Bow
15. Needle at Sea Bottom 32. Step Up, Deflect downward, and Punch
16. Fan Through the Back 33. Withdraw and Push
17. Turn and White Snake Puts Out Tongue 34. Conclusion of T’ai Chi Ch’uan