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Greetings. I have been writing and sending these out since 2015, and for you who have just joined us, welcome to the Gilman Studio Training Tips. These Tips are a result of my desire to share my life’s study and teaching in the area of Internal Arts and human potential.

I have taught Tai Chi and Qigong since 1973 and shared with thousands of people, and yet feel limited, as I live in a small community in the northwest corner of Washington State. I wanted to reach a larger audience on a regular basis. Thus, the Training Tips was born.

Most books on Tai Chi are written by an instructor to share his or her form. They are meant to teach the movements. They also, usually include short chapters on history and philosophy, but that is usually limited. I have written two Tai Chi books and now these Training Tips, not as “how to” books, but as “why to” books. Most people who are attracted to Tai Chi seek relaxation, focus, balance, health improvement, and a very few, martial skills. What most people need to carry on with their studies is motivation. That is what these Tips are all about. I want to encourage students to continue to practice, and continue looking deeper into this marvelous art form, and that only comes from regular and continuous practice.

I hope you read through all of these and maybe one or more will stimulate you to stay with your initial interest and enthusiasm. You can bookmark the ones you like to go back to in the future. As you grow and change, the meaning of these Tips will change, and hopefully you will find you understand them in your body, mind and spirit. If you aren’t already receiving these in your mailbox, subscribe and it will come as regular as clockwork on Monday mornings. The Gilman Studio never shares your information.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these and share them with your friends. You will make me happy. Thank you for your interest in our beloved art.

Empty/Full and Stance Progression – 7/10/17

Crows Again and Empty/Full Beautiful morning. Went to Chetzemoka for an early morning practice. Sun up, barely. I was the only person in the park at this time. So lovely. I went over to the bluff and looked at the Straits. The tide was way out. Must be one of the...

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Seeds of Greatness – 7/3/17

Seeds of Greatness Thich Nhat Hanh, in his lovely book Peace is Every Step, talks about consciousness existing on two levels: as seeds and as manifestations of those seeds. Let me share this idea with you and how it applies to the Internal Arts. When we are born, we...

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Perfect Days – 6/28/17

Perfect Days We here in the Pacific Northwest have been experiencing a heat wave – into the 90's in Seattle - while we in Port Townsend are in the mid to lower 70's. Perfect weather to play Tai Chi in the Park. Lots of boats sailing in the waters right in front of us,...

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Inner Journey Applications – 6/12/17

Inner Journey Applications This week, during class, we used Inner Journey elements to help focus our practice with good results. On Wednesday, we used “Find the Circle”, and on Friday, “Bowl of Soup in the Pelvis”. Let me explain. Tai Chi philosophy is based on...

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Morning Practice and Form Modification – 6/5/17

Interesting morning practice. It was overcast, a bit cool, but no breeze, so I headed to the wharf for morning practice. I got to the end of the wharf and started to loosen up when it started to pour rain – big, hard drops. So I retreated back to my car and headed to...

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Morning Practice with Crows – 5/29/17

Morning Practice with Crows This morning, especially lovely as the days start warming earlier, I went to Chetzemoka Park (Google it for loads of pictures), for practice. I used the gazebo (about a 20 by 20 foot structure), and instead of facing the Straits of Juan de...

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Adversity Can Be Positive – 5/22/17

Adversity Can Be Positive At this morning's class, before we started the form practice, I suggested that we all set our intention by deciding ahead of time what one thing to focus on during the Long Form practice. It is easy, in a classroom situation, to either follow...

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Imagery – 5/15/17

Imagery As readers of my Training Tips know, Intention, (Mind Directed Action), is one of the building blocks of Tai Chi performance, effectiveness, and enjoyment. So setting Intention is of paramount importance. The first and most important way is to understand the...

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Enlightenment, Humor, Push Hands – 5/8/17

Enlightenment, Humor, Push Hands Enlightenment is not boring. It is not just a holy, solitaire monk meditating in a cave. I guess it can be, but none of the masters I came to know were anything but human. Wholly human. Ordinary. As Master Subramuniya said to me, “The...

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