Training teachers for careers in the Healing Arts

At the International Center for the Healing Arts, students follow a curriculum that has been carefully selected to provide maximum exposure to the essential elements for self mastery and effective teaching tools. The certification trainings in Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, and Ting Fa Theraputic Approach were designed primarily by Michael Gilman, a world recognized pioneer and leader in the health education field. The trainings were created to fill an ever-increasing need for qualified instructors in these professions.

The curriculums are concise, comprehensive, and self-paced. The student may choose on-site or distance learning programs. The costs are very reasonable especially considering the high quality of instruction, the comprehensive resources, and career opportunities upon completion.

Certificate of Completion
A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all students who have satisfactorily finished all the requirements of the specific course.

A Certificate of Completion does not automatically give the recipient a Teaching Credential. The teaching certification is solely at the discretion of the Director. The student agrees not to use the name International Center for the Healing Arts or Gilman Studio unless given written authorization by the Director.