Application Fee / Tuition: Required
For full certification programs in 108 Yang Style Tai Chi, Master Chi Kung certification, and Master Advanced Tai Chi practices, there is an annual tuition of $500 payable at the time of enrollment and at the beginning of each annual re-enrollment that covers the costs of administration, curriculum management, telephone and e-mail consultations with the Director. The fee is not based on the amount of time the student can spend in class, workshops or private sessions. The $500 annual tuition entitles the student to the following: A 50 % discount on any of the faculty’s scheduled classes, a 10% discount on workshop fees, private instruction, manual, CD, Videos, DVD’s and package rates.

If the student wishes teaching certifications in any of the individual Chi Kung practices or Advanced Tai Chi practices, the tuition is $100 per practice plus any workshops, classes, resource materials at regular studio rates.

Regular Studio rates:

  • Workshops, – $75 to $100/day
  • Scheduled Classes – $20/class
  • Private Instruction – $60/hour with Michael, $40/hour with Stephanie
  • Written Manual – $40
  • CD – Yang style Long form in PDF – $20
  • DVDs – 1 hour DVD – $20; 2 hour DVD – $35; 3 hour DVD – $40; 4 hour DVD – $50
  • Package rate on DVD’s – 10 % discount off above prices if the entire Tai Chi, Chi Kung, or Advanced Practices series is purchased at once.

For a detailed list of materials, pricing and purchasing options for the specific course you are interested in, please click on name below :

See the Class Materials page for an overview.